About Us


I am Ahmet Faruk Altindaş, a financial advisor in Aksaray, Istanbul, and I have been working as hard as I can in this industry for the last four years. Before that, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Finance from Istanbul University and my master’s degree in Accounting and Audit from Işık University. I started this business because of my social skills, my enthusiasm for listening and solving people’s problems. I met people from many countries thanks to this profession, which gave me a broader perspective over time, culturally and socially.


I have gained knowledge and experience about many legal transactions such as citizenship, work permit, and residence permit to answer the requests of my customers. I have contributed greatly to many beautiful people becoming citizens of our country, living comfortably here, and working. As I was also in the Aksaray district in Istanbul, I had to solve the problems of carrying out transactions with companies in many different industries. The speed and experience brought by this fact can be used in your name and in your favor. Although our business is based on rules, it helps to talk about them over a pleasant time period with tea, coffee, and conversation. As a financial advisor, I would like to welcome you to the project, not only providing you with good legal books but also making sure you win a friend.