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Company Formation in the USA

We follow the steps below to set up a company in the USA on your behalf:

Selecting the type of company: There are different types of companies such as LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and we must determine which one suits you best.

Determination of the company name: We check whether the company name exists and register it if it is appropriate.

Articles of Incorporation editing: This document is required for the verification of your company and is required to provide information about the company’s structure, objectives, shareholders, etc. It should contain information about.

Registration in the federal and state tax system: obtaining your company’s tax number and paying the necessary taxes.

Obtaining a business license: Depending on the region and sector where business activities can be carried out, it may be necessary to obtain a business license.

The details of the company formation procedures in the USA may differ in different states. Ahmet Faruk Altınş Financial Consultancy Office helps you in this regard. Please contact us by filling out the application form .

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