Official Accounting Transactions

As it is known, after establishing a company in Turkey, it is necessary to make an agreement with a financial advisor in order to be able to submit declarations such as VAT-1, VAT-2, Concise Statement, Provisional Tax, Corporate Tax, which must be submitted depending on the purchase, sales and expense invoices you perform.

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In general, what a financial advisor does;

  1. To prepare the payrolls of your personnel, to prepare the entry and exit statements.
  2. Preparation of declarations such as VAT, Concise, Temporary, Institutions.
  3. To accurately record the documents resulting from the transactions you have made for the declarations to be prepared, to classify the relevant documents, and to present them to the taxpayer as a meaningful data as a balance sheet and income statement.
  4. To ensure that the records prepared for your business comply with the legal regulations.
  5. To ensure the confidentiality and protection of information about your company.
  6. To ensure that your legal book is kept in accordance with the legislation.
  7. To provide consultancy to taxpayers on tax and accounting-related issues.

We provide services to our valuable taxpayers in all these works that we can transfer in writing and in all other works that we cannot write down in detail. If you have any additional questions or want to consult on financial and tax matters, you can come to our financial advisory office in Fatih Istanbul, contact us via the contact information or leave a message via e-mail.