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Damga Vergisi

Stamp duty is a tax collected with a certain percentage from certain valuable papers, lease contracts, SMMM contracts you have made with financial advisors, declarations given to the government.

Many taxpayers who work with Financial Advisors in Istanbul or who are looking for financial advisors in Istanbul, who have goals such as the establishment of a Limited Company or a Private Company, are concerned about the monthly VAT, income tax, corporate tax, concise declaration, whether they do business or not. These are stamp taxes paid by the government: ) These amounts are determined by the government with numerical codes and are tied to certain amounts. Even if a business or transaction is not carried out, taxes must be declared in certain periods. For example, not making sales in January does not mean that VAT will not be declared in January, it is necessary to submit and approve this informative declaration to the tax office whether there is a transaction or not.

Even if no work or action is taken regarding the declarations, we can generally say the following amounts about the stamp taxes that companies must pay:

Value-added tax87.30 TL
Value-added tax -287.30 TL
tax statement/declaration103.50 TL
Annual Income Tax132.30 TL+ 48.70 TL
Annual Corporate Tax176.70 TL+150.70 TL

It is 1.89% over the gross amount in lease contracts and 9.48% in contracts and commitment papers. Apart from these, a certain amount of stamp duty is written in the receipt you receive when you make the payment in transactions related to valuable papers at the notary’s offices.

In general, the issue of stamp duty is like this, I tried to write a little more in detail, thinking that if we know what we are going to pay, we can be ready psychologically 🙂