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NACE (North American Industry Classification System), or NACE Rev. 2 (European Economic Community Common First Classification for the Processing of Statistical Activities), as it is commonly used in Europe, is a standard classification system for classifying enterprises or economic activities. NACE codes identify what type of business or economic activity enterprises or economic activities are engaged in, what sector they operate in and what type of goods or services they produce. This classification system makes it easier to make international comparisons and perform statistical analyses.

NACE codes consist of a series of combinations of numbers and letters by which a particular enterprise or economic activity is categorized. Each code identifies a specific type of business or activity. For example, a business may be identified by a code known as “NACE Rev. 2 Code”. This code specifies the sector and type of activity of the business.

NACE codes are used for economic analysis, industrial reports, business records and statistical data. This classification system provides an international standard for classifying economic activities and sectors, making it easier to categorize and compare businesses and economic activities. NACE codes are a common tool to better understand and analyze businesses and economic activities in various sectors.

The center section of your tax plate contains a 6-digit number and its description. Once you know your activity code, you can check whether your activity is compatible with the sectors supported by KOSGEB at